Certified Online Marketing Professional Program

Certified Online Marketing Professional


Certified Online Marketing Professional is a Program specially designed by Digital Kadam Jaipur to impart practical expertise in the application of various Internet marketing techniques. This course will provide an in-depth insight into how various Internet applications are used in marketing/business. For example, this will give you an understanding of how you may implement a digital marketing campaign in a Company if you are required to do so.

Similarly, this will provide practical knowledge of various Internet professional roles like Web development, Website management/Webmaster, SEO executive, Digital marketing professional, etc. In this, you will develop your own website (without any extra charge as the cost is included in the course fee) and using the digital marketing techniques on your own website.

In a nutshell, this course will guide you on how to use and apply theoretical knowledge in the Real Corporate Environment and Situations. A Course that will help you now, tomorrow, years to come and also when you are the head of the department in a company/starting your own business.

Placement: Our Certified Professionals get Job offers easily with better salaries, better companies & in better job profiles (1.5 Lacs to 4 Lacs Per Annum). Along with starting e-business with their own web portal.

How COMP Program is different from other Digital Marketing Programs?

All The Digital Marketing Program each Digital Marketing techniques as SEO, SEM, SMM, etc which is beneficial for being an SEO executive or Digital marketing professional but Certified Online Marketing Professional (COMP) by Digital Kadam  is not only about Digital Marketing but it’s about making Online Marketing Professionals who can develop website on their own, manage them and able to make digital marketing strategy and implement the digital marketing techniques as  SEO, SEM, SMM E-mail marketing, analytics etc for a business.

So Digital Marketing is one of the important parts of this program but along with it you develop your own website, manage it, and start earning from it.

Being a fresher or say with only a Digital Marketing certificate, one hardly gets a good opportunity to work in a company particularly in Jaipur.

To explain the same we take an example – Do you expect any company not to tell a digital marketing or internet professional to make some changes in the website?  – No – If you are working in any role of digital marketing or internet profile it is expected that along with digital marketing applications you must be able to make some minor changes in website (Company will not hire an assistant for you to make some minor changes in website which suits your Digital Marketing strategy), and if you are able to develop a website it will increase your worth in the company.

Similarly, take another example- After a few years when you have a good experience in digital marketing and you have an idea to start an online business will you again join a course to develop and manage a website or you pay a hefty amount to develop your website?  –Again No –
If you are able to develop a website and manage it along with Digital Marketing then you will be considered a truly Internet Marketing Professional and here Certified Online  Marketing Professional (COMP) Program plays a vital role.