Adobe Illustrator

adobe illustrator training


Wanting to become an Adobe Illustrator professional? For anyone working or wanting to work in the graphics industry, to learn Adobe Illustrator is absolutely important. Digital Kadam is now offering various courses in Adobe Illustrator training so you can refine your skills and become a pro at graphics editing and designing. Start with the following various Adobe Illustrator functions:


  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating and editing shapes
  • Transforming artwork
  • Changing colors and strokes
  • Adding text to designs and artworks
  • Using drawing tools
  • Working with layers and effects
  • Understanding art boards
  • Adding artistic effects
  • Sharing & posting artwork

Furthermore, you will learn manipulating artwork in our Adobe Illustrator training program which covers; locking, grouping and hiding content from artwork; rotating, reflecting and shearing artwork; combining shapes and; transforming and editing artwork.

Any student, job aspirant or working professionals with basic knowledge of internet can benefit from our Adobe Illustrator training program. With classroom knowledge of the software, we help you learn how to learn the tricks and techniques of Illustrator with our practice workshops. Our experienced staff will give you useful tips on how you can become a professional editor with the help of this software.

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