Corel DRAW


Corel Draw training has become a must in today’s time for those working or wanting to work in graphic media. Now you can learn Corel Draw from Digital Kadam easily and in a budget! We provide basic and advanced level CorelDraw training classes in Jaipur that will help you kick start your career in the field of graphics. We are the leading Corel Draw training institute in Jaipur for the in-depth study and practical learning format we follow.

Following are the topics we will cover in our Corel Draw training program:

  • Get started with basic Corel Draw interface
  • Moving and viewing drawings
  • Introduction to customization tools and options
  • Creating, drawing and manipulating shapes
  • Selecting, deselecting and manipulating objects
  • Mirroring techniques
  • Outlining and Filing
  • Arranging, grouping, ungrouping and aligning objects
  • Learning how to use layers
  • Understanding PHP syntax
  • Specials effects
  • Adding Text to graphics
  • Working with paragraphs
  • Using symbols and creating charts
  • Bitmaps
  • Layouts and advanced features
  • Printing
  • How to use styles and templates
  • Exporting drawings
  • Creating custom patterns
  • Corel R.A.VE.

For students seeking a career in graphics and working professionals wanting to boost their career, our CorelDraw training classes can turn out be a game changer. Our learned team of experts will help you learn Corel Draw Jaipur so you can explore your skills and talents and embark on a professional journey with confidence.

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