In the world of eCommerce, Magento has earned quite a reputation for its flexibility. Want to be a professional developer of Magento? Sign up in our Magento training program in Jaipur and become a Magento expert in no time!

Our Magento training courses start with easy customizations. Later on, we focus on the fundamental concepts of Magento customization techniques. These are inclusive of various topics like action classes, DI (Dependency Injection), managing database schema and web API and so on.

Why us? Digital Kadam is the best Magento training institute in Jaipur because we help our students’ understand the basic concepts first, then leading on to the advanced level techniques so you can learn Magento efficiently. Our teaching personnel consists of working professionals who are veteran of the software industry. They guide you through the sessions answering doubts and explaining concepts in detail by using real-world examples that go with the current scenario. With this Magento training Jaipur program, our objective is to help you learn:

  • Getting a better understanding of the eCommerce industry trends
  • Making a secure site with various options
  • Handling multiple site actions
  • Relation management with customers

Many of our students have now become working professionals in the leading companies of the country. So what is there to wait for? Get in touch with us and build yourself a successful career in software developing.

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